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EDIM Blood test

A test system to detect elevated TKTL1 levels in circulating macrophages has been established and has been validated by PET and clinical diagnostics. The test is routinely in use and is performed at the FACS facility of TAVARLIN AG.

With the proprietary EDIM-technology it is possible to clearly differentiate patients that show elevated TKTL1 expression, from healthy people. Activated macrophages with elevated levels of TKTL1 are labelled with our specific TKTL1 antibody and separated by FACS analysis from other cells as shown below

TKTL1 Positive   TKTL1 Negative

Application of the EDIM assay to a set of healthy people and cancer patients at different stages of treatment is shown in the picture below.

Analysis of a subset of patients correlating the TKTL1 intensity to positive results from a PET scan gives excellent results

Sensitivity   80%
Specificity   82%
Positive predictive value   86%
Diagnostic Accuracy   81%
Negative predictive value   75%

The availability of test systems to detect elevated TKTL1 levels in blood and in tumour tissues, sets the basis for a predictive diagnosis and a monitoring of the success of cancer therapies and forms the basis of a new pharmacodiagnostic concept that makes a targeted and individual cancer therapy possible.